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All packages are made as affordable as we can while being able to pay our servers and developers. If you are a student and need a special deal, please let us know.

Our Packages

 Perfect for small projects and trying out FakeQL.The cost effective option best suited for a single developer.The perfect option for small teams, startups and small companies.
Max. entries per deployment100025005000
Max. deployment size200 KB500 KB1024 KB
Max. API accesses per deployment250010000100000
Max. inactivity per deployment14 days31 days365 days
Max. active deploymentsunlimited1001000
Max. users11100
User accounts-yesyes
Deployment configurations-yesyes
Encrypted deployments--yes
Montly payments$0$8.99$49.99
Yearly payments (price per month)$0$7.99$39.99
Per user$0$0$0.15
Per deployment$0$0$0.05

coming soon

coming soon